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Custom Concepts Performance Coatings – CCPcoatings.com offers a full range of Performance and appearance enhancing coatings. This is includes three basic coating categories; Powder Coating, Ceramic Coating and Specialty Coatings. CCPcoatings.com offers literally 1000’s of varieties of powder coating for any component that requires a rich, durable painted finish.

Ceramic Coatings on the other hand are used to protect or insulate enhance components that are exposed to either occasional or continuous high temperature situations. Examples of this would include exhaust manifolds & headers as well as intake manifolds and turbo applications. Lastly, Specialty Coatings would include products such as dry film lubricants and heat shedding coatings. These coatings are designed to reduce friction and excessive wear. These lubricants are designed to either assist or replace typical lubrication in high load and high wear applications such as pistons, gears and bearings.

Custom Concepts offers a full range of Ceramic Coatings. Ceramic Coatings are specifically designed to increase horsepower, by reducing heat, reducing friction and eliminating damage caused by thermal shock and corrosion. We offer High Heat Ceramic Coatings that are capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 2000 F. Typical applications for these coating are, headers, expansion chambers, exhaust manifolds, turbo applications, pistons and any other applications exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. These coatings can be used to either maintain heat in a part as in an exhaust header or manifold. They can also be used to insulate a part from heat soak like in the case of an intake manifold or intake tube where you want to keep the intake charge as cool as possible.

Custom Concepts provides durable powder coating services in 1000’s of colors and textures including metallics and candies for proto-type, batch and production volumes. Applications are endless but more common usages include motorcycle and car frames, suspension and engine components, wheels, indoor and outdoor furniture, commercial and residential fixtures and railings. Essentially anything that can be painted can most likely be protected with durable powder coating.

Specialty Coatings
This includes assorted dry film lubricants and heat shedding products. Dry film lubricants which are commonly referred to as “Teflon Coatings” are designed to reduce friction, heat and wear on any rigid or semi rigid surface exposed to sliding, rotating or oscillating friction. They are designed to carry loads in excess of 350,000 psi as well as lubricate at temperatures beyond 1600F. Some of the most common applications would include piston skirts, bearing surfaces, gears, valves, springs and helixes. The cured film thickness is typically .001” or less but there are also “high build” lubricants that can be used to build up part size like that of a piston skirt.

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